FA Selangor Launches New Facility in Shah Alam Worth RM1.5 Million

Football Association of Selangor (FAS) has launched a new training facility and office complex in SUK Sports Complex, Seksyen 5, Shah Alam. The 400,000 square feet training centre is proof that the new FAS management is committed to bringing the association to new heights.

The new facility named FAS Training Centre was officiated by HH Raja Muda Selangor, Tengku Amir Shah in a simple ceremony attended by team sponsors, association excos and media representatives.

“Football Association of Selangor (FAS) is a huge entity in the Malaysian football scene. Although it has a history of more than 83 years and it has enjoyed countless major success in Malaysia, FAS was still operating out of an old office in Kelana Jaya and players were training in a training facility that was not befitting the status of a Malaysian football giant such as Selangor,” RMS commented during his officiating speech.

“I hope that the new facility can further raise the spirits of the players, coaches, as well as backroom staff in giving their best to the association in hopes that this brings us a step closer to returning Red Giants to the pinnacle of Malaysian football.”

The launch of the new facility also sees the administrative headquarters of FA Selangor move from their old office in Kelana Jaya, being based there in over 23 years.

Complete with training pitches, gym, physio treatment area, and an office complex, the new training centre is hoping to inspire the players, as well as enabling the administrators and coaches be put under one roof.

Speaking to SemuanyaBOLA, The Secretary-General of FAS, Dr Johan Kamal Hamidon is grateful and happy after seeing a vision transform into reality.

“After taking over the leadership of the association, the new management came up with 5 core pillars to strengthen FA Selangor. The completion of the facility is the first thing that was on the agenda and thank god, FAS’ dream of being based in a better facility has been realized.”

Johan also thanked Vizione Holdings Berhad, a strategic partner to FAS that is the biggest contributor to the construction of the RM1.5 million facility.

“FAS thanks Vizione Holdings Berhad for the trust they placed on us. It is this sort of commitment that will spur the team to be more passionate in the pursuit of glory on the field.”

“We hope that through this successful partnership, even more companies will come forward to be our strategic partners,” he added.

Johan also took the opportunity to give appreciation to Selangor state government for giving the green light for the projects to proceed and become a reality.

“FA Selangor also wants to thank the state government, especially Chief Minister, Yang Amat Berhormat Amirudin Shari for their continuous commitment to bring Selangor football to another level. Without their support, this new modern facility will not become a reality.”

The new facility was built in partnership with Vizione Holdings Berhad, a company listed on Bursa Malaysia.

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